DataGrid Column Labels

Terence Heaford theaford at
Fri Apr 13 14:52:16 EDT 2018

I have just started having an issue with the Column Labels on some newly created tables.

Basically they do not show unless I press “Refresh Data Grid" in the Property Inspector.

If I then shut down LiveCode and relaunch it they have gone missing again.

I am using the community edition of LC9 in OSX 10.13.4.

It is only affecting newly created DataGrids.

DataGrids that have been created in previous versions seem OK.

My only solution has been to overlay the DataGrid with a label.

Is this an issue anyone else has been having or is it just me?

I have been using the DGH 2.0.0 plugin if that makes a difference.

Thanks for any pointers.

All the best


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