Mobile Native Essentials Widget Pack

Alex Tweedly alex at
Wed Apr 11 19:56:50 EDT 2018

On 11/04/2018 23:01, Mark Talluto via use-livecode wrote:

> $49 for the amount of work that went into making these widgets is quite affordable. Yes, these are listed as v .5. They could have labeled them as v 1.0.
Well, actually, they did :-)

Since I know I'm going to buy them anyway, I went ahead and did it now - 
partly to see if that gives me more info about licensing, updates, 
documentations, etc.

In my purchase-receipt email from Livecode, it says:
> Thank you for purchasing the Mobile Native Essentials Widgets Pack! 
> This includes the Activity Indicator, Switch, Date Picker, Time 
> Picker, Progress, Slider, Label and Search Bar. You will receive all 
> updates to this product and its components free of charge until it is 
> out of beta.
which sounds like it really is still in Beta.

But then if I go to I 
discover that I have v1.0.0 available to download - or I can pay a 
further $58 to upgrade to v0.5.0 !?

So I clicked on the download button, and got a zip/folder called 
Now I have a bunch of ".lce" files, one per widget, plus a 

Running that gives me a dialog asking "install all" - click that gives 
me an error

stack "Widget Pack Installer": execution error at line 33 (Handler: 
can't find handler) near "revIDEExtensionInstall", char 1

so I guess I need to go read about installing widget extensions ...

-- Alex.

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