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Mark Wieder ahsoftware at
Wed Apr 11 18:24:14 EDT 2018

On 04/11/2018 03:01 PM, Mark Talluto via use-livecode wrote:
> $49 for the amount of work that went into making these widgets is quite affordable. Yes, these are listed as v .5. They could have labeled them as v 1.0. That leaves everyone the opportunity to find things that need to be fixed or improved and provide feedback. These key features are not coming any other way than this. LiveCode does not have the resources to build these themselves. Here is our chance to get them now and not years down the road.

Just to be clear about this, I'm not at all concerned about the price. 
As far as I can tell this is a very useful set of controls at an 
entirely reasonable price.

But that's me reading between the lines since there's not a lot of 
description at the store, and it's hard to know things like:

* if there are special licensing requirements if you put these in a 
commercial app - are they dual-licensed?

* whether these controls work with any LC version or just the higher-end 

* what you get when you purchase the pack - I see Digital Pomegranate 
has other extensions in the store. Are these part of this package? Some 
of them? All of them?

and really, the 0.5.0 version makes it look like "you can buy into this 
now and be part of the beta program. We're about halfway there now."

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