Android Can't Find Path to Web folder

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I do it and use the same path for both mobile platforms. The only thing I
can think of is that I move the html folder tree to a folder in "the
documents folder". I also zip it up for brevity in the package. When the app
starts the first time(or app update) I unzip it to the documents folder. I
delete the tree before unzipping for an app update. If you need the LCS of
the un-zipper or folder tree deleter let me know.

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I give up! What is the magic that gets the browser widget on Android to see
a local html file

(it always works in iOS)

given the following directory layout

myApp.livecode # the standalone is built from this
           lexicon.livecode  # with nothing but a browser widget which
points too:

if have tried all manner of:

hard coded:

     set the itemdel to "/"
     get item 1 to -2 of the effective filename of this stack
     put it & "/web/index.html" into tURL
     set the URL of widget "Browser" to ("file://" & tURL)

# this works on iOS but not on Android 

# Various incarnations of

if isMobile() then
     # this work on iOS 
     # but not on Android
  put specialFolderPath("engine") into tRoot
  set the URL of widget "Browser" to ( "file://" &tRoot &

     # works on desktop

    put specialFolderPath("resources") into tRoot    
    set the URL of widget "Browser" to ( "file://" &tRoot &
"/web/index.html") end if



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