memory databases fail in Windows

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Apr 3 14:38:03 EDT 2018

Bob Sneidar wrote:

> Hi all. I have a function that works in Mac but not in Windows. Here is the relevant code:
> function arrayToMemoryDB aArrayData
>    put the keys of aArrayData into tArrayKeys
>    sort tArrayKeys numeric ascending
>    put ":MEMORY:" into tDBFile
>    try
>       put revOpenDatabase("sqlite", tDBFile) into tDBID
>       put "drop table arraydata" into tDropSQL
>       revExecuteSQL tDBID, tDropSQL
>       put  the result into tResult
>    catch tError
>       answer tError
>       if the environment is "development" then exit to top else quit
>    end try
> <snip>
> revOpenDatabase returns an error. Any idea why? It's a memory database! How can it NOT work??

What is the goal?

Arrays and memory-based SQLite are both in-memory stores with hashed 
access.  I'm guessing there's something more to this use-case than my 
limited thinking currently grasps.

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