AcceleratedRendering States When Opening and Closing Stacks

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sat Sep 30 03:00:11 EDT 2017

I doubt the layermode is an issue here. Layermode is relevant only when the 
card is open.

I'm not where I can review Mark's post about it, but I think 
acceleratedRendering basically tells the engine to buffer the content of 
designated controls so they will move smoothly. The layermode tells the 
engine what type of movement will be implemented. This is all done at the 
card level and the cache is flushed when the card closes or when the cache 
is full. A stack or card that isn't open has no effect on anything.

Someone correct me if I mangled the concept.
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On September 29, 2017 10:38:58 PM Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via 
use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:

> It's not set for "everything" only scrolling groups.
> How can it be drawing too much? if there is only one scrolling group on the 
> card and all other cards, stacks etc are closed or not in view, how does 
> having the layermode set in an unopened stack start to "draw too much"
> ??
> Jonathan Lynch wrote:
>     It seems like having the layermode set to scrolling for everything forces 
>     it to draw too much stuff. What happens if you only do one at a time?
>     Mark W would know more. But, I have found one at a time means it only gives 
>     extra power where it is needed.
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