IPad Mini reports "not supported

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Fri Sep 29 13:24:55 EDT 2017

Surprise, at least this is new news for some of us: assuming the device supports one or another, all those services are indeed actually available, whether you check those boxes or not or so I'm told via another grapevine. 

ergo: you only want to check them in the SA builder if your app really, really MUST have those functions. So you are making an "up down" decision that you so not what your app installed on any device that will not support those functions.

So for example, if you think it's good that the user can use a flash when they take a photo, but not mission critical to your app's functionality… then, well, that's already included on those devices that have a flash = do nothing in the SA builder… if they put your app on an iPad that does not have advanced camera features, they just don’t a flash. 

GPS and some other mobile features will be trickier.  let's say have, as we do, an app that can do all kinds of "tricks" you do want the users to be able to install on any device, but you do also need to find out what capabilities there are, so …  this means a bit more preopenstack 'forensics" on the device … so I headed off the dictionary…so, there are tools for this job:  


oddly for some reason, even though GPS I in the summary, a search for "GPS" in tinyDictionary did not return this entry… on a hunch, I searchedLocation and then scanned for the mobile commands and found it.


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    I ran into this and had to de-select the GPS and only select Location
    Services to make the app available on non-GPS devices. I can still get
    lat/lon cords. What I am unclear about is if the GPS chip is used on devices
    that have them.

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