A modest proposal for a new property

Quentin Long cubist at aol.com
Fri Sep 29 10:23:18 EDT 2017

sez hh <hh at hyperhh.de>:
> > > JLG wrote:
> > > The original issue that influenced this one was how to provide a
> > > larger hit zone on an SVG widget.
> > > How would this property work for that?
> > Quentin L. wrote:
> > I?m thinking that a single line of code would suffice:
> >
> > set the clickableRegion of widget ?Fred? to ListOfPoints
> >
> > As i?ve noted previously, the engine *already* handles clickable
> > regions for *every* control ... 
> No. Sadly (or luckily, depending on one's point of view) a widget is
> not an ordinary control. This has to be implemented in the widget.
Hold it. I don't--can't--believe that the engine *does not* take care of deciding when a given mouse-click does or doesn't land on a widget. Unless you're saying that the mouse-click might trigger *either* the widget itself, *or* the widget's script, depending on exactly what location the mouse-click is at?

> To see this write one that handles only the mouse events, not to
> speak of a clickable region.
> Even this is hard to control: who gets first which mouseEvent, the
> widget's script or the widget.
I don't see what difference it makes whether a mouse-click causes mouse events to be sent to the *widget proper*, or, instead, to the *widget's script*. Either way, *something* has to determine whether the dingus is triggered by a mouse-click at an arbitrary screen location, right? And if it's not the engine which does that… what *is* doing that?

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