Beacons and Bluetooth

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Wed Sep 27 13:01:55 EDT 2017

Lagi: yes this is really bigger than we see.

Probably need a whole forum area dedicated to NFC, Bluetooth Comms.

FWIW I talked with Jacque about this yesterday. NFC in the form of "within 4-5 cm" is available now on Android if you have Indy or business. Maybe by next year for iOS… the "beacons" are cheap. 20-30 cents each. (think WalMart Warehouse… 1000's of these stuck on shelves for inventory control) Phone picks up the ID of the chip and away you go… 

Andre was telling me last year there is a lot of NFC Beacon Dev going on in Brasil. If this were all exposed in community or community plus, it could "explode" 

Anyway, with 3,000 plus visitors a month, all walking in with smart phones, we have a very strong use case for anything we can do with this in Livecode. 

just my two mangos in Hawaii.

and yes I don’t' have time right now to dive into it, so agreed:

   " Don't Make me think - show me the Banana"

= centralized NFC/Beacon documentation, sample scripts, stacks



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