A modest proposal for a new property

Ralph DiMola rdimola at evergreeninfo.net
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How would you use the alpha channel to do this? I just had an image and the transparent part of the image did not send a mouseup message. I put a button behind the image to solve it. Was there a way I could have used the alpha channel to get the mouseup message anywhere in the image and still retain the transparency?

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How do you currently set the alpha channel? The hit area icon I was suggesting could be an image with the alpha channel that the button uses. That way you could have any shape hit area, it wouldn’t have to be based on the button’s icon.

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> Colin Holgate write:
> > The way that this problem is handled in sort other tools is to have 
> > a definable hit area for each control (usually those would be buttons).
> > You can set the idle, over, and pressed versions of the button’s 
> > image, and also you can set the hit area image.
> >
> > LiveCode already has a way to do most of that, couldn’t the hit area 
> > be another entry I the inspector’s icons section?
> Where would one obtain the list of polygon points?
> Currently the hit region is definable using the alpha channel.

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