Developing Methods: Creating Scrolling groups larger than screen rect

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Mon Sep 25 22:49:20 EDT 2017

Wow… great tip.  That dictionary entry is a small 'gold nugget" 

These groups have their locklocation set to true.

So, duh.. obviously part of the problem was:

" If a group's boundingRect is empty and its lockLocation is false,
when you drag an object toward the boundary of the
group, the group automatically expands, resizing
itself to fit. If the lockLocation is true, the object is
clipped to the group's rectangle."

I'm thinking of putting the whole dictionary on a small chip and inserting it into my head just above the right ear.

FIY some wonderful soul keeps an app fairly up-to-date (8.1.3) that contains the whole dictionary… 

Richard Gaskin wrote:

    One way to have the scrollable area of a group larger than the 
    formattedRect of its interior objects is to set the group's boundingRect 

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