Developing Methods: Creating Scrolling groups larger than screen rect

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Sep 24 21:44:52 EDT 2017

Jacque in the new branch newPortalNav2.. I changed that… all controls are assigned initial numeric prefix 


I stole that idea from your photo index (

and the IDE started to calm down or rather I think I found a WYSIWIG method.

e.g.Tall vertical scrolling group whose formatted Height might be 1500 px, but is bound to a 680 tall screen view.

set the scroll of ThisGroup to 0
turn off edit selected controls
pointer → edit group
## change stuff.. stop editing
set the scroll of ThisGroup to 500 # now I'm somewhere in in the middle
edit group , stop editing
set the scroll of This group to 1200.  # now the end of the group appears at about 1/3 down the screen.
edit group # now comes "the trick"

while in edit group mode… don't copy and paste! option drag to make copies of the last three objects (three objects in a series comprise a "row" but are not grouped as such)

Stop editing. set the scroll of ThisGroup to 0  

all good now.  But will certainly adopt the double call, copy to group, then set the loc as a second command.

@ Jonathan, I do have some tools box things that auto set all the rows with properties and after doing the above, the run time scripts that use the "formattedHeight" of the group, will just work out of the box, as you point out,  with the new additions at the end of the group 

I'm about to launch into doing horizontal sliders now… I feel armed and ready! 

Thanks for all the help on this list. I never, ever have gotten here without everyone support!


J. Landman Gay wrote:

    Yeah, me too. In this case I happened to know that the controls all have 
    the same names.
    Insider trading. :)

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