Developing Methods: Creating Scrolling groups larger than screen rect

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Sun Sep 24 10:50:07 EDT 2017

Since you can copy an object to a group, all it takes is the second

copy btn "fred" to grp "mygroup"
set the loc of btn "fred" of grp "mygroup" to x,y

On Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 8:35 AM, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via
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> Workin in 9.0.0 DP9 now. Old issues of editing groups seems to have gotten
> worse. selections lines around objects continue to appear even if you have
> select a different object, now the selection dashed lines remain on the
> previously selected object and it's as if we shift selected two object, but
> no, there is only 1 selected. when in group editing mode copy and paste
> object, the objects are pasted outside the group on the top layers of the
> card instead of in the group itself…
> At any rate… working with it…
> But I have a bigger question… How do you mobile pro develop scrolling
> groups either vertical sliders or horizontal sliders, which are, but their
> very nature, wider than the screen, or taller than the screen?
> e.g. if you have a group that is 1200 px tall and the card is 736h. and
> you want to add objects to the bottom of the group, how do you go about it?
> If  you set the scroll of the group to some big number like 1200… it will
> only scroll up to the bottom of the group (seems odd to me)  you don't get
> any extra space below the last item. so if you go to edit at that point,
> the group has no room below. one could temporarily increase the height of
> the stack, but if you have controls on the bottom that may not work well.
> and besides, you will run out of screen space anyway.
> I can set the top of the group to -500, now we have room on the screen
> below the last rows of the group. but the IDE will not allow you to drag
> out the height of the group to make more room for more objects. If I try to
> edit the group, I can select and copy the objects in the last row, as noted
> above, they are pasted outside the group.
> More struggle here than seems it should be.  But editing larger groups of
> with many objects has always seemed to be a challenge for the IDE "since
> forever"…
> How do you do it?  I would try do it programattically, but there is no
> command like
> "copy fld "link-label to grp "portal-scroller" at x,y"
> which could b really useful in this context.
> Brahmanathswami
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