Developing Methods: Creating Scrolling groups larger than screen rect

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Sep 24 10:35:44 EDT 2017

Workin in 9.0.0 DP9 now. Old issues of editing groups seems to have gotten worse. selections lines around objects continue to appear even if you have select a different object, now the selection dashed lines remain on the previously selected object and it's as if we shift selected two object, but no, there is only 1 selected. when in group editing mode copy and paste object, the objects are pasted outside the group on the top layers of the card instead of in the group itself…

At any rate… working with it…

But I have a bigger question… How do you mobile pro develop scrolling groups either vertical sliders or horizontal sliders, which are, but their very nature, wider than the screen, or taller than the screen?

e.g. if you have a group that is 1200 px tall and the card is 736h. and you want to add objects to the bottom of the group, how do you go about it? If  you set the scroll of the group to some big number like 1200… it will only scroll up to the bottom of the group (seems odd to me)  you don't get any extra space below the last item. so if you go to edit at that point, the group has no room below. one could temporarily increase the height of the stack, but if you have controls on the bottom that may not work well. and besides, you will run out of screen space anyway.

I can set the top of the group to -500, now we have room on the screen below the last rows of the group. but the IDE will not allow you to drag out the height of the group to make more room for more objects. If I try to edit the group, I can select and copy the objects in the last row, as noted above, they are pasted outside the group.

More struggle here than seems it should be.  But editing larger groups of with many objects has always seemed to be a challenge for the IDE "since forever"…

How do you do it?  I would try do it programattically, but there is no command like

"copy fld "link-label to grp "portal-scroller" at x,y"

which could b really useful in this context.


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