Constraining an input field's contents to be a single line.

Alex Tweedly alex at
Thu Sep 21 19:32:29 EDT 2017

On 21/09/2017 16:14, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:

> Alex Tweedly wrote:
> > I do not currently have "mobile text field objects" - all I have
> > are just standard LC fields, so returninfield is all I need for
> > the 'return' part of the problem - no need for 'inputReturnKey'.
> If this is just for yourself then the following may not matter much, 
> since you know what to expect and can handle whatever you choose to make.
> But if this app is for others to use, using a LiveCode-native field 
> instead of a mobile-native field will very quickly show why 
> mobile-native fields are important.
That's exactly what I've been missing - I've been fretting about one or 
two details of LC-fields on mobile, not realizing that there are 
overwhelming limitations that mean I should just forget about LC-native 
fields if mobile is a primary target.

So now I need to go off and figure out the most appropriate way (for the 
short term) to handle having different controls for different platforms.

So I've learnt a lot - but taken rather longer than I should have to 
realize I was counting angels on the wrong pinheads :-)

Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions that helped to get me here.


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