Moving on from 8.* to 9.*

Brian Milby brian at
Thu Sep 21 19:03:52 EDT 2017

DP9 should have the fixes from the 8 branch.  Essentially any bug fix on
the 8.1 branch will get merged into the 8.2 branch.  Any bug fixes from 8.1
or 8.2 will get merged into the 9.0 branch.  In GitHub, there have been a
bunch of these type of merges recently.  If you are up to compiling the
community edition, you can have bleeding edge all the time :)

On Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 1:58 PM, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via
use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:

> I'm naïve about how these branches work. Probably need a firmware update
> in my brain on this whole "future" versions thing.
> I had to "regress' to 8.1.7 RC1  because 8.2 DP 1 because the IDE melted
> down pretty rapidly.
> You wrote: " When v9 goes final v8 will no longer be maintained"
> Yes, of course… that's a given. But as of today: Isn't v9  missing *all*
> the patches to the product since March of this year? Wouldn't HQ need to
> merge everything thru 8.1.7 into 9? and if that was already done, wouldn't
> it's date in the download section reflect the date that happened?
> Otherwise, if we use 9 aren't we facing things already solved in the 8.1.*
> branch between March and September of this year?
> What am I missing?
> BR
> Richard Gaskin wrote:
>     > 1) using 9. that old doesn’t' work for us.. We have got too much
>     > vested in  8.* that works well, can't risk it.
>     When v9 goes final v8 will no longer be maintained.  Given the changes
>     we can expect in OSes, esp. mobile, not keeping current will eventually
>     shut down your project.
>     What are the bug report numbers for the issues you've encountered with
>     v9?  Let's see if we can resolve those so your project can keep current
>     with OS changes as smoothly as possible.
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