How to to type bottom to up and right to left in a field

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Thu Sep 21 13:54:09 EDT 2017

Well it just goes to show that I do need a computer. Mental scripting only
sounds, er, sound.

This works:

on keyDown, tKey 
   if the shiftkey is down and the capsLockKey is down then put tKey &
return before me 
   else put tKey before me
select before me
end keyDown

All the other "control" keys likely have their own functionality, and I did
not want to fiddle with them.

The textChanged handler sort of works. If you leave the field and replace
the cursor, the next char goes after the currently selected line. From then
on it goes before the current text.The backspace key does not really work.

But now we come to the real question. 


How does the textChanged handler work at all????

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