Scrolling Groups on Mobile - Show a little of what is below

Alan alanstenhouse at
Thu Sep 21 01:45:37 EDT 2017


What's lacking is the visual feedback that there's something "more"... 

One way you might give an indication could be to flash the mobile scrollbars to show how much of the group is visible.

smControlSet sScrollerID, "indicatorStyle", "white" 
smControlSet sScrollerID, "vIndicator", true

I can't remember now if the indicator flashes by itself or not, but if not then just send messages in time to show then hide then show again to "flash" it... 

Maybe that'd work?




> On 21 Sep 2017, at 2:50 pm, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami <brahma at> wrote:
> FYI this is a tip that came from Jacque, but I had to experience it "live" myself. Alex though it useful to share?
> On a busy day here (we have 100 plus visitors daily) I will go outside and get complete strangers to  download the new app and watch them as they go thru initial install and usage.
> Fascinating to watch e.g. our pixel perfect fit of rows on the home screen is for a scrolling group that has more rows below screen.. But this is "wrong" because the proper way to do it is, says Jacque: create the rows so the bottom one is a bit cut off, otherwise a subset of users never try to scroll up!
> Yep.. I had several users tap on the content to go to the links that appeared there. they would go "home" and tap the next one.. and never swipe up?
> They think what they see it all there is.  But when you show half of a row at the bottom, the user instinctively swipes up?? But the screens were designed by a graphic designer who does magazine design? not app design? so his design instinct is for the printed page and he will always strive for a "perfect fit"  and all trouble we went to take 736 pixes height, subtract the hero image on top and divide the remainder *exactly* so that row would fit precisely.. only shot our UX in the foot? ha!
> from the land of
> Things you will never know
> unless you watch over someone's shoulder
> while they try to use your software.
> BR

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