LiveCode 8.2.0 DP-1 Dropping Keystrokes in IDE

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Sep 20 12:42:59 EDT 2017

RunRevPlanet wrote:

 > I am surprised that LiveCode does not have a single large project that
 > can be loaded into the IDE for a spot control creation and script
 > editing on a real machine platforms before releasing a DP.

    Thousands of language features
  * Thousands of language features
  * Number of supported platforms

  = Extraordinary combinatorial explosion of possibilities

Between their internal automated test tools and external tools like 
Coverity, LC's core dev team is able to catch a great many issues prior 
to release.  This can be seen by following the progress of pull requests 
on the project in Github.

But there are limits to what is practical to attempt with any automated 
testing, and more so with LiveCode.

If LiveCode were a consumer software product, with a fixed feature set 
in which users can alter only data but not execution paths, the ratio of 
testable elements could be much higher.

But as a toolkit for others to make nearly any software they can dream 
up, the scope of all possible things that can be done with it would 
require a testing effort far larger than the code base itself, well into 
negative-ROI territory.

Even relatively simple consumer apps commonly rely on external testing 
by users ("beta testing") to expose issues not readily found though 
automated testing methods.

The most cost-effective means for all of us collectively to get this 
toolkit to a state where it does what we need for our specific projects 
is to use it on our specific projects and report deviations from 
expected behavior.

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