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That's excellent, thanks H!


On 20/09/2017 17:03, hh via use-livecode wrote:
>> Ben R. wrote:
>> General question: where can users find a reference to the supported
>> properties/commands/functions of widgets? E.g. the properties of a Segmented
>> Control widget?
>> More specific immediate question: where can I find a reference for the Browser widget?
> In the dictionary (sorted by random) or in tinydict (sorted) choose the widget in the API menu.
>> Ben R. wrote:
>> Even more specific question: how can I interrogate the contents of the loaded
>> page in a browser widget? e.g. the dictionary has
>> 	-- Use JavaScript to hide "myButton" in the page displayed in a browser widget.
>> 	do "document.getElementById('myButton').hidden = 'hidden'" in widget "myBrowser"
>> But how would I get the value of document.getElementById('myButton').hidden
>> back to LiveCode?
> ___ 1. In your card's script (for example) put:
> on openCard
>     set the javascriptHandlers of widget "browser" to "jsGetValue"
> end openCard
> -- handles the return from the browser
> on jsGetValue pValue
>     put pValue into fld "OUT"
> end jsGetValues
> ___ 2. Then use this as follows.
> put "var x=document.getElementById('myButton').value; liveCode.jsGetValue(x);" into js
> do js in widget "browser"
> Note.
> There may be more javascriptHandlers, separate them by cr.
> (Was a bug in some versions on Win: If not working separate them by comma).
> You may use more than one argument for javascriptHandlers.
> That's all.
> You don't have to declare them (here jsGetValue) as function in the HTML document.
> HTH, H.
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