OT: recommendations for Installer Maker

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at kestner.de
Wed Sep 20 03:22:18 EDT 2017


I am using Installer Maker, version 1.8.7 from Mark S. on Mac. This version
is not LC 8 compatible. I don't get any responses on requests anymore from
him (perhaps it's only me?). Does anybody is in contact with him or knows,
if there is a LC 8 compatible version (64bit) available?


I know, that an installer is not the common paradigm on Mac, but there are
several reasons, why I would like to go on with an installer. Before
reengineering the complete structure and logic of my setup, I would like to
go on with an installer. Has anybody experiences or any recommendation for
another commercial "installer maker"? My setup actually consists of two
parts, so one of the main features I need, is to call automatically a second
program after the setup is finished.


Any recommendations?


Thanks, Tiemo




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