LiveCode 8.2.0 DP-1 Dropping Keystrokes in IDE

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Tue Sep 19 23:32:04 EDT 2017

Hi Monte,

I am surprised that LiveCode does not have a single large project that can be
loaded into the IDE for a spot control creation and script editing on a real
machine platforms before releasing a DP.

Editing text is a core feature of an IDE and leaving it to customers to discover
find such a fundamental issue and report it, is a false economy and misguided.

The thought that the LiveCode IDE doesn't routinely get stress tested with at
least one "real" project before release, now explains all the problems and poor
performance I have had in the past 12 months.

So while I don't agree with your justification:

> We would have to invent real projects to
> work on and it probably still wouldn't cut
> it in terms of coverage.

I am happy I was able to help.

Scott McDonald
Scott McDonald
"Components, Controls, Tools and Resources for LiveCode"

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