LiveCode 8.2.0 DP-1 Dropping Keystrokes in IDE

RunRevPlanet feed at
Tue Sep 19 22:05:35 EDT 2017

Hi Monte,

I do not expect full coverage of every scenario, but my setup and what I was
doing is so far from the edge case that is is right in the middle. (OK, maybe
7000 lines is a lot, but it is not that far from the centre, as far as complex
LiveCode applications go.)

* Can I respectfully suggest that, if it is not already, testing on a Windows
box and doing real work on a sizeable project (in terms of controls and code) be
made part of the check list for any release, DP or not?

I know that Panos is good at what he does, which makes me think that the above
is actually not being done. Whereas it should be mandatory: doing so would have
picked up the problem immediately.

I want to test DP's and do not want to wait for a RC for the very reason you
say. That is why I downloaded and installed it. But it is difficult for me to
test a DP that is broken. That is why I am frustrated and expressing these

Always know that I complain and get annoyed because I actually care for
LiveCode. If I didn't care and want to help, I would have left long ago after
the sometimes one step forward, two steps back progress ever since the first

Scott McDonald

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