Jumping out of breakpoints and their propensity to multiply LC8.20dp1

James At The Hale james at thehales.id.au
Mon Sep 18 21:14:03 EDT 2017

Just noting the recent post on triggers not triggering in 6.7 and all the other non triggering trigger posts and wanted to report an additional quirk with 8.2.

While trying to follow the formatting of the documents array for my last project I was setting a breakpoint to activate at particular values.
I would then be able to see the content of some variables, see the problem, stop the script and change it and try again. Typical use, yes?

What I noticed this time, with 8.2, was that the position of the breakpoints would move over this run, view, modify and run again cycle.

I don't mean move by a line or two i mean move by hundreds of lines.
Move to lines that do not actually exist!

At one stage I had 7 breakpoints shown in the breakpoint pane whereas there were only 2 in the script (red dots).

Usually at this stage it would then display the "now you see me now you don't" action and jump out of the handler with now further action of indication as to why.
Observing this a few times it would seem that the script editor would hit the breakpoint, stop, display something very very quickly and then the script exited.
The script stopping in its tracks and i am back in edit mode.

The only way to recover is to quit and restart and then delete all the extraneous breakpoints.

I am on a Mac, using Sierra.

Has any one else seen these behaviors with 8.2?


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