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Wow, $79 is a really good price point I think, especially with those 5
mergExt plugins. The free version still exists which is excellent and Plus
is 6x cheaper than Indy, the next option up. It all adds up to fantastic
value for money to any startup or entrepreneur in my meager opinion.

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> > How did I miss this? What new license type”?
> Yeah I thought I'd missed it too. Got the email about the new
> Autocomplete and Live Errors in LC 8.2 and there was the mention of LC
> Community Plus???? I know I've been extremely busy lately and haven't
> been able to spend time on the List (or with LC) as much as I'd like,
> but I still skim through the List and figured I couldn't miss
> something this big.
> I definitely like the idea and am sure it's a move in the right
> direction. $79 I'm not so sure about, but I don't have a marketing
> team behind me and Kevin does. Either way, down the track if it needs
> tweaking I'm sure that's exactly what will happen because one thing is
> quite clear, the LC Team listens to this community and it's customers
> and they respond on all the opinions and feedback; not just from the
> vocal minority.
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