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Because a word is defined as 'a number of characters together in a string
separated either or both sides by a white space'. So it doesn't actually
count the white spaces but the number of actual strings of characters
separated by them. The actual glossary term is not fully expressive by
saying "A chunk of text that is delimited by spaces, tabs, or returns."

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On 11 September 2017 at 23:36, Bob Sneidar via use-livecode <
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> Setting the itemdelimiter to space and using items instead of words would
> certainly work around it, thanks for that tip.
> But by way of discussion, when we talk about string manipulation in this
> list/forum, and how words are "delimited" we actually use the word
> "delimiter" to talk about the spaces, with the one difference that there is
> no wordDelimiter property that we can change, while there is for lines and
> items, so that:
> put "test" into tString;put "test3" into line 3 of tString;put tString
> produces:
> test
> test3
> As you would expect. I guess that means that spaces are the bastard
> children of the string manipulation world. :-)
> I will file a report anyway as requested.
> Bob S
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