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I 'was' working on a widget that runs MobFox (which acts as an agent to all
of the other ad providers), but had to abandon it as MobFox suddenly with
no warning removed their Javascript and CURL access so now you can only use
iOS and Android native SDKs. That would require more than LC8 can deliver,
it needs the new Language tools in LC9.

I've now been looking at They have a DirectLink feature
that works on all platforms using browser tech and your own personalized
URL (or set-of for multiple clients). This seems one of the best options at
the moment. Here's how:

   1. Register (Use the Get Started button on their page)
   2. After registration is authorised you'll be taken to your account page
   and asked to enter your website. Ignore this and use the Direct Link button.
   3. In the first step for Direct Link there is only one option available
   at the moment, Native Direct Ads. Select it and go next.
   4. Give it a name and select next
   5. Use the https button to get a secure signed link. Copy/paste it
   somewhere safe like a constant var in your app.

It's not the best way but it is 'a' way to monetise for now. Until the
final release of LC9 with full Android and iOS native language integration.

All the best

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> Hi experts, do you know if LIVECODE solved some way to monetize the
> app, using ads?
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