What Android device detail do you find useful and why?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Fri Sep 8 21:46:36 EDT 2017

Assuming we send data back to the mothership for analytic, then:
If we want to know all about the device running our app.
I asked myself: how much and how far can we go?

-- the platform
 # gets us the bare minimum, OS
-- the screenrect
# that's useful especially for the myriad of Androids
                     # could extrapolate Phone vs Tablet from the screen rect

What else can we query? So went off to dictionary in 8.1.7 entered "mobile" came blank (new bug?), switched to tinyDictionary and discovered this for android

MobileBuildInfo for Android (see below)

Is anyone tracking this stuff? If so, what, from your analytics experience is most useful? And why?

And: is there no way to get this for iOS?  (can't find anything similar in the dictionary that would tell us "iPhone 7, 5, 6+, iPad Mini"

Name: propertyName
Name: propertyInfo
Type: enum
Description:  #BR  this description appears to need some help?

The name of the property to be retrieved.
converntion) of native code.
convention) of nativecode.
or /proc).
Android was built on.
"unsigned,debug". '


  *   "BOARD": The name of the underlying board, like "goldfish"
  *   "BOOTLOADER": The system bootloader version number.
  *   "BRAND": The brand (e.g. carrier) the software is customized for, if
  *   "CPU_ABI": The name of the instruction set (CPU type + ABI
  *   "CPU_ABI2": The name of the second instruction set (CPU type + ABI
  *   "DEVICE": The name of the industrial design.
  *   "DISPLAY": A build ID string meant for displaying to the user.
  *   "FINGERPRINT": A string that uniquely identifies this build.
  *   "HARDWARE": The name of the hardware (from the kernel command line
  *   "HOST": The host name of the device that the current version of
  *   "ID": Either a change list number, or a label like "M4-rc20".
  *   "MANUFACTURER": The manufacturer of the product/hardware.
  *   "MODEL": The end-user-visible name for the end product.
  *   "PRODUCT": The name of the overall product.
  *   "RADIO": The radio firmware version number.
  *   "SERIAL": A hardware serial number, if available.
  *   "TAGS": Comma-separated tags describing the build, like
  *   "TIME": The time, in seconds since the start of the eon.
  *   "TYPE": The type of build, like "user" or "eng".
  *   "USER": The user name of the user who built the current version of

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