script/engine broken when moved to 64bit server at JaguarPC

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Sep 8 14:36:42 EDT 2017

Curtis Ford wrote:

 > It's the 500 internal server error.
 > I'm pretty - er, very new to troubleshooting on a server. I don't have
 > SSH access.

Shared hosting without SSH is useful in a few cases where you're only 
using stock packages (Wordpress, Django, etc.) without any customization.

For any custom CGI use SSH is IMO a requirement.  There's so much you 
can do with it, and so little without it.

With SSH it's like being at the computer.  Without it, it's like trying 
to build a ship in a bottle where you can't even remove the cork. ;)

I believe JaguarPC offers SSH on their shared hosting.  It may only take 
a request to their Support team to activate it.

Once you have the ability to shell into the account it's almost as nice 
as having a VPS but without the admin responsibility.

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