LC on Raspberry Pi3

hh hh at
Sat Sep 2 19:43:28 EDT 2017

No, vice versa. ImageJIT (= LC as GUI + luajit via shell) on Raspberry 3 is
faster as 'LC with LCS only' on the 3 GHZ CPU (a linux box).

The Raspi app lets do the core processing of the raw imageData by luajit
and the 'LC with LCS only' is running with my fastest LC Scripts.

Doing both on the 3 GHZ:
ImageJIT runs in average 50 times faster than the fastest LC scripts I know
(and I know a lot, incl. Bernd's and Wilhelm's scripts). ImageJIT is without
a decent GPU about as fast as running the image processing by javascript in
a browser widget using a decent GPU.

I built last year standalones using LC 6 for Mac/Win/linux.
** Just try yourself. Then you will believe what I claimed at top of this post.
As these are "beta"-versions, the code is not yet available. I#ll share it when finished is already again in my "top-ten-to-do".

The standalones hopefully run on all machines that are able to run LC 6.5.
More info and download available here (luajit binaries from the ufo project
by "malkia" are included).

Using a FFI: hhImageJIT

p.s. lua (without JIT compiler of Mike Pall) does image processing at about
the same speed as LC Script.

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