Subject: Re: LC and OneSignal

AndyP smudge.andy at
Fri Sep 1 17:21:42 EDT 2017

Sounds great Todd, looking forward to seeing the release.

Re sharing stacks/code.

The LiveCode IDE has Sample Stacks available from Help>Sample Stacks this is
also available in a more limited way from the LiveCode website found via
and then Sample Stacks.

There is via the IDE version the option to add stacks and code snippets. The
latter is very under utilized.

The whole User Samples or is it LiveCode Share needs an overhaul. For
example in the code snippets the code is not displayed but has to be
downloaded to be viewed. 

The User Samples is a great resource (if you know how to find it) but is
needing some TLC.

The question of where sample stacks and code snippets comes up every now and
again with various promoted solutions, but why not use the facility we have.
I am just about to add some enhancement requests to the quality center on
this subject and I will add the numbers here when completed.

Andy Piddock 

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