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Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 11:03:51 EDT 2017

I would recommend that you buy the latest model of the MacBook so that
you then have to go and spend lots more money on peripherals . . .

Recently I took my MacBook Pro (cast-off of one of my sons) to Britain 
to visit my Mum and Dad,
and the thing "developed" a self-assigned IP address, further 
complicated that its internal WiFi does not
work (one of several reasons why my younger boy checked it at me) and 
was working with a USB WiFi dongle.

As it has an ethernet port I just jacked it into M&D's modem with a LAN 
cable . . .

Apple are doing a fine job painting themselves into an expensive corner; 
bijoux toys methinks.

With NO standard ports Apple are selling something that will be useless 
just as soon as something fails

(I'm booting off an external USB disk as the internal SATA connexion is 

so, having spent your thousands of dollars you'll have to start saving 
right away for its replacement.

This IS the voice of personal experience speaking: having just saved a 
serviceable laptop from the trash BECAUSE
it has 2 standard USB ports.

Tim Cook needs a lot of people to shout "Universal System Bus" at him!


On 9/1/17 5:52 pm, Bob Sneidar via use-livecode wrote:
> I should also mention that the new laptops do not have an ethernet port, and do not use a standard USB port. The series just before the most recent at least still have USB3 ports with the Type A connectors. They prior series also has the standard HDMI ports, and the old style MiniDisplay/Thunderbolt port. The new ones *may* have HDMI but the thunderbolt port is completely new. (all from memory)
> Bob S
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