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This is a great idea. I have silently been hoping for a way for fellow
developers to share their code via some method beside the forum.
The forum is a great place for problem solving and advice but a place to
have code posted so that other users can see what others are doing is a
great idea.
I have not come up with an idea of how as of yet but I will put some thought
into this.


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Hello LiveCoders,

Good News!!!  The team of Digital Pomegranate did a project with onesignal
push notification last year. We are actually in the progress of upgrading
the lib now. So if someone is interested in it, please contact me and I will
make arrangements to get you a version.

Also as an added side note. We are upgrading our WordPress Rest API to tsNet
for Async communications and upgrading to the new WP + Woo Commerce changes.

We are looking to put all of the work we do in LiveCode on the internet.
Most will be open source [as much as we can because some we have NDAs on and
we can release code] and we are thinking that we can put in a section on our
website.  But LiveCode could use the to create a section that
lists open source projects and where to download the code.

There needs to be a better way for all of us to share projects and code
Any suggestions???? We can build and host something if there is a good idea.
For all of our benefits, we should grow the community by 10,000. They will
take efforts from EVERYONE.

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