Radio button scaling

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Thank you!

1. In the mean while built just a double button scheme, let's see how it looks with the devices.  Look forward to simplifying back to single buttons with the new icons for checkBox and radio buttons.  "When" is my 2-3 year old question, though.  Just ask a nerd nearby to do the job.

2.  Still on Mac OS/X 10.12 level.  Thanks for the warning.  The source of the problem may be that I am using different 2nd screens at the different desks I work at.  Not a nice problem.


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Answer 1.
This is solvable as soon as icons are settable using SVG.
Other scaling would result in non-smooth displays as the icons are images.

But you could make a set of images for different "resolutions" and use
these images as "icons" for the buttons, dependent on your scale.
Also you could make a radio button widget (don't forget the radio-grouping).

Answer 2.
In case you are using MacOS 10.13, then the culprit is the OS, not LiveCode.
MacOS 10.13 is horrible. Sometimes the prefs of some Apps, not only LiveCode,
are reset to default in between working. What you describe sounds like that.

> Christer P. wrote:
> Question 1:
> What is the problem with getting the radio buttons "tick boxes" scalable?
> Trying to remember, I asked about it for a few years ago, and the answer by LC team was, it is about the icon??
> I tried using switch button widgets, but the scaling of those isn't linear (width / height) as any other objects.
> So, do I need to do my own radio buttons (i.e. use a round hilite button + text button) or would there be another solution?
> Question 2:
> LC 8.1.7 rc-3; there is instability in retaining setups.  For example, upgrading from the previous G version the path to SDK was lost.  Also various setups seem to move, the background of the screen goes all grey.  Anyone experiencing oddities like this?

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