Interview wtth inventor of hypercard Bill Atkinson

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Wasn't yesterday VisiCalc's birthday?  If ever there was a case of IP
ripoff, it was that one.

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> Tom Glod wrote:
> > Here is a great interview with Bill..... in which he reveals ....
> > among other things...... that when he invented Hypercard he was ....
> If you ask Walter Cooke, he answers:
> "I too miss HyperCard, but I also used Xerox's Notecards software BEFORE
> Bill invented Apple's version for the Macintosh.
> Google "Xerox Notecards" to read some history of where the concept and OO
> implementation originated. Poor Xerox - they invented so much but couldn't
> market their way out of a wet paper bag. A lot of educators were very
> impressed with Notecards and wanted at their universities real bad. The
> military loved it for buiding real-time visual simulations. I wanted to use
> it for building bond trading software. Unfortunately Xerox workstation cost
> $30K apiece at that time!
> I remember arguing with Andy Hertzfeld at the '87 MacWorld Expo where
> HyperCard was announced and demoed on the sexy new Mac II. He was adamant
> that HyperCard bore no resemblance to Notecards, but grudgingly agreed that
> he HAD seen Notecards at Xerox and knew what it was. Hmmm.."
> BUT if you ask Paul Heckel, he would say:
> "Zoomracks was first..."
> And now that I remember Paul Heckel, read about his winning lawsuit against
> Apple for patent-infringement:
> to-settle-suit.html
> Al
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