Clipboard pastes into single spreadsheet cell

G.W.Gaich gWolfgang at
Wed Oct 18 10:52:00 EDT 2017

I made a test:

set the clipboarddata to 1 & tab & 2 & tab & 3

pasted into a google spreadsheet cell and three cells were filled as 

Livecode 8.1.6
windows 7
firefox 56

perhaps it's a mac or browser thing

Am 18.10.2017 um 10:27 schrieb Paul Foraker via use-livecode:
> On a Mac with LC 8.6.1 (Community)
> Tabs coming from LiveCode are converted to spaces when pasted to a Google
> spreadsheet, but are not converted when pasting from BBEdit.
> I'm collecting data into a tab-delimited row (line) and putting it on the
> Clipboard, then pasting the row into a Google spreadsheet. For example:
> *put theData["Date"] &tab& theData["First name"] \*
> *&tab& theData["Surname"] into theRow*
> *set the ClipboardData["text"] to theRow*
> When I go to a Google Spreadsheet, click in an empty cell and paste, the
> tabs are ignored (converted to spaces) and the entire row gets pasted into
> the single cell as space-delimited.
> I have discovered a workaround. If I first paste from LiveCode to BBEdit
> (the tabs are recognized) and then copy and paste from BBEdit to the
> spreadsheet, the tabs are OK and the data populates into separate cells.
> I've tried this with Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, so the problem isn't
> browser-specific.
> I don't want to ask my end-user to paste into another application before
> pasting into the spreadsheet.
> Anyone know of a fix for this?
> -- Paul

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