Atkinson dither algorithm & 'for each' loop

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Thu Oct 12 10:41:21 EDT 2017

That is correct Ben. It's not the repeat for each that is unreliable (probably a bad word to use here) but it is arrays which do not retain the sequence of key/values in the order they were put in. 

To get around this, when possible use numbered keys, then:

put  the keys of aMyArray into tKeyList
sort the lines of tKeyList numeric ascending
repeat for each line tKey in tKeyList

Bob S

> On Oct 12, 2017, at 04:48 , Ben Rubinstein via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Hi Peter,
>> One note of caution regarding the use of the "repeat for each" loop, whilst you will get a loop iteration for every value in the collection
>> (fldhexa3 in your example), you are not guaranteed the order in which they
>> will occur.
> Are you sure? My understanding has always been that chunk items, e.g.
> 	repeat for each [ byte | char | word | item | line] <var> in <container>
> will always be sequential (indeed that's why this structure is fast) - it's only when dealing with hashed arrays that the sequence is not reliable, i.e.
> 	repeat for each key <var> in <array>
> 	repeat for each element <var> in <array>
> Do you have experience to the contrary?
> best regards,
> Ben

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