Dropbox library in LC 9 - centralise the access token?

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at cogapp.com
Wed Oct 11 13:16:59 EDT 2017

That's why I raise it for discussion here first.

My guess is that if this is only in LC 9, and only since DP-7, then the number 
of people already using it will be small - certainly in proportion to the 
number who will go on to use it in years ahead!

And for those small number of people (possibly single digits??) the effort to 
switch existing code will be pretty low...


On 11/10/2017 18:05, Mike Kerner via use-livecode wrote:
> And I don't know how modest it will be - the syntax of every command in the
> library would have to be updated, which means everyone's code (who is using
> the library) would have to update it.
> We could also have a new dropbox library that implements this, but then it
> would be up to the team to deprecate this one, or we would have competing
> libraries.
> On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 1:02 PM, Mike Kerner <MikeKerner at roadrunner.com>
> wrote:
>> so file a qr.  since it's written in LC it should be doable by either of
>> us...or anyone
>> On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 12:12 PM, Ben Rubinstein via use-livecode <
>> use-livecode at lists.runrev.com> wrote:
>>> The new Dropbox library is (going to be) great. But while it's still only
>>> in DP, can I suggest a modest improvement?
>>> Every single command in the library takes an access token as the first
>>> parameter. Given that most uses of the library will involve multiple calls;
>>> and the cases where an app is juggling two different dropbox accounts will
>>> surely be vanishingly small; wouldn't it be much more elegant if there was
>>> a single command "dropboxSetAccessToken" or similar, to normally be used
>>> just once in a session - then every other command would drop that parameter?
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