mergZXing alternative

andrew at andrew at
Thu Oct 5 09:21:51 EDT 2017

Guess I didn't scroll down far enough on to see the barcode syntax. THank you  
for the suggestion.

I wentlooking on MergEXT and the various Livecode  
tutorial/lesson/stack-sharing sites for a MergAV sample stack. The  
closest I found was a thread on this forum from a year ago where  
someone else was having this same conversation (including trying to  
find the sample stack) and all the sudden they found it without saying  
where and everything was good.

Finally I remembered reading somewhere that sample stacks were  
included with the extensions if you dug into the app itself (Show  
Package Contents on Mac). Found the sample stack... holy crap, MergAV  
is WAY faster and more accurate than MergZXing was with barcodes (and  
the blue line on-screen is a nice addition).

It seems like these sample stacks shouldn't be hidden like treasure. I  
assumed clicking "Sample Stacks", or "Tutorials", or "Resources", or  
even "Dictionary" inside of Livecode would have a reference or entry  
for the sample stack.

--Andrew Bell

> There are barcode calls in mergav.  There is also a sample stack that
> demonstrates how to use it for scanning barcodes.  All the MergAV calls are
> documented in the dictionary.
> I believe the other reason why zx was deprecated was because av is faster
> and more accurate - at least it would appear to be for me.

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