Does MobileSensorReading work?

John Dixon DixonJA at
Fri May 26 11:10:11 EDT 2017

You must start the 'sensor' first... usually done in your openStack handler... as in :-

on openStack

if environment() = "mobile" then

  mobileStartTrackingSensor "location", false

end if

end openStack

on locationChanged latitude, longitude

   set the theCurrentLocation of this stack to latitude & comma & longitude

end locationChanged

then as your location changes, the locationChanged message will give you the new lat/long 😊


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Subject: Does MobileSensorReading work?

I put a button on my app and put the app on my iPhone.

The button had the following script:

on mouseUp

put MobileSensorReading("location",true) into tReading

answer the Keys of tReading

answer tReading

end mouseUp

I figured this would tell me if the function was supposed to return an
array or a variable, since I had read both online.

Interestingly, it returned empty for both.

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