LC Server - Upload Large Images?

Rick Harrison harrison at
Thu May 25 10:21:57 EDT 2017

Hi there,

After way too much wasted time - the answers ended up being:

Instead of using rename which throws a sysError 20 to move the file
from the /tmp/ folder to the destination folder use:

put URL ("binfile:" & tFilePath) into URL ("binfile:" & VarNewPathAndFileToSaveTo)

Where VarNewPathAndFileToSaveTo is your default path plus any new folder you
would care to add.

That works great!

To display the image use:

put "<img name=" & NewPathAndImageToDisplay & "border='0' src=" & NewPathAndImageToDisplay & " class=off34>”

This works for both small and large images.

I hope this helps anyone else out there who finds themselves struggling with such issues.

If anyone wants to look into the rename sysError 20 problem please feel free.
My feeling about it is that should have worked, and didn’t for some weird reason.

Thank you for you help and support!


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