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On 24 May 2017, at 16:19, prothero--- via use-livecode wrote:

> Or conversely, would people new to coding find htalk easy and 
> intuitive? These are two different questions and a rigorous answer 
> will most likely not come from knowledgeable livecode programmers.

Speaking as a university lecturer who teaches LC to graphic design 
students from time to time, I can absolutely attest to the benefits of 
the 'English-like' qualities of xTalk. They get it, they can work things 
out, they can use it to create *their own* basic tools and toys, and 
this after just one afternoon.

It's imperfect... but hell, even *English* could be described as being 
just English-*like* if you want to go down that debating rabbit hole! 
The point is it's *so* much easier than traditional languages for people 
to grok. That's one of LC's USPs.



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