which port is beeing used with get URL?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at kestner.de
Fri May 19 04:40:06 EDT 2017


LC6 and 8. Again and again I have customers, where my program doesn't gets
an internet connection with standard "put URL foo into res". This happens
only at "institutional customers" with "bigger" networks, obviously with
proxy servers, firewalls, etc. On "private" PCs I never happen this. The
user can setup the proxy credentials in my program, that is ok for some
customers. At other customers my program still doesn't gets access to the
internet and often the admin of the customer doesn't find the reason what is
blocking my program. Usually most firewalls pop up with a request, if they
are blocking a new program, but in these cases the firewalls keep silent, so
it is hard to find the reason.


Am I right, that using "put URL" is a standard http:// protocol via port
8080? Or is there a special port being used by LC?


Are there any ideas from your experience, what and how to check for to find
the blocking factor in a customer network?


Thanks for your experiences



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