Android Touchscreen Malfunction

Phil Davis revdev at
Tue May 16 18:22:49 EDT 2017

I assume flushEvents() isn't available for mobile? At least the 8.1.3 
dictionary shows it is for desktop only.

So would something like this work?

local sTaskStatus, sTaskRequests

on mouseUp
     send "doTask" to me in 0 seconds
     put the result & CR after sTaskRequests
end mouseUp

command doTask
      if sTaskStatus is empty
      then put "busy" into sTaskStatus
      else exit doTask

      -- do your task here

      repeat for each line tRequestID in sTaskRequests
          cancel tRequestID
      end repeat
      put empty into sTaskStatus
      put empty into sTaskRequests
end doTask

Phil Davis

On 5/16/17 11:55 AM, Alejandro Tejada via use-livecode wrote:
> Hi All,
> Recently, while testing a stack in an Android Phone,
> I found with surprise that mouseup and mousedown
> messages were triggered very fast (2 or 3 times in
> succession).
> After checking the phone screen, I noticed a small
> (almost unnoticeable) crack in the corner.
> How could we change our mouseup and mousedown
> scripts for Android Apps to make a workaround
> for these kind of malfunctions?
> Thanks in advance!
> Al
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Phil Davis

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