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> Ditto. But I do want a smart home and I've had one for years. We still use
> the older X10/Insteon protocol,

wasn't that the one that had the add with the girl in the flesh-colored
tshirt bouncing around?

I remember one of my small chiodren asking why she didn't have a shirt . .

Home automation is another boat that apple missed begore finally getting
their act together.

The Mac IIfx (1990) had a pare of custom co-processors, essentially 10mhz
6502s with 32k each (iirc) RAM & ROM.

One of these controlled the serial ports, including AppleTalk, along with
other small tasks.

Add that appletalk worked well over existing in-house phone wiring, those
processors could have been mass produced, and used the second pair in
existing wiring.

Apple would have *owned* home automation at the time.

Then again, given their thinking at the time, they probably would have
expected to sell you your television, toaster, and front door as part of
this, so maybe not.  In that err, if they could have produced a Rolls Royce
for $1000, they would have gone broke by only selling it as  part of an
apple house to have the garage . . .

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