Rename File on Server not working?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon May 8 20:37:08 EDT 2017

Rick Harrison wrote:

 > Hi Richard,
 > The result says:
 > can't rename file (20)
 > I see that you are using a “move file” in your example.
 > The dictionary doesn’t show an example for moving a file.
 > I tried the following example to see what would happen:
 > move file OldImagePathAndFileName to tFileName
 >   if the result is not empty then
 > 	put the result && "(" & sysError() &")"
 >  end if
 > I’m getting:   move: missing ‘to'
 > This seems rather bizarre to me.
 > Your thoughts?

My bad: I was thinking of bash; in LC the "move" command is for moving 
controls but not file objects.  To move files we use "rename".

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