Bitten by Group Default Margins

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun May 7 00:29:23 EDT 2017

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:

 > Are we the only ones who would prefer that the engine not auto set
 > group margins to 4?

I would prefer 0, but we're about 20 years too late to change it now.

Easy enough to change the property to anything you want.

 > it got worse: even if you set the margins of the group to 0 *after*
 > resizing all it's child elements, the prop inspector, after the
 > layout was done, showed margins were 4 pixels, which to me seems
 > completely "bogus"

Does the margin of the group itself become smaller when you set it to a 
smaller number?

There may be an update bug in the PB; one way to check that would be to 
close and then re-open the PB.

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