Different ways of finishing an application

martin meili bmmeili at swissonline.ch
Fri Mar 31 10:54:17 EDT 2017

Hi there
I’ve got two a standalones made from the same stack, one standalone made with LC 7.1.3, the other one with  LC 8.1.3. When I want to finish the two apps, it works fine with both standalones as long as I hit the red button of the decorations. 

With the standalone made from LC 7.1.3 it also works fine when I use the menu item „QUIT MyApp.app“ or when I use my button „Quit" with the script „closestack“. „Closestack“ is in the stackscript ending with the quit-command.

BUT: The standalone made with LC 8.1.3 crashes sometimes when I use the menu item „Quit MyApp.app“ or when I use the button „Quit" with the script „closestack“ (The crashes don’t occur every time, one could think it happens by random) {the app hangs for some time and then produces a report to Apple). It happens on different Macs with different operating systems running.

Is there somebody there who has encountered the same problems?

There might be some difference between version 7.1.3 and 8.1.3 in terms of handling the different ways of finishing an application. (?)

Any hints very much appreciated and thanks a lot for your advice.


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