could you please make a quick test for me?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Fri Mar 31 04:28:59 EDT 2017


I am replacing an old very slow function (netstat) to retrieve MAC addresses
with another fast function (networksetup). I am replacing a part of a
licensing system in a live program out in the market, so I have to be sure,
to get exactly the same result from the new function. It has to be the same
list of MAC addresses and the same sequence of MAC addresses.

Since I only have one Mac, I would like to ask you to test my two functions
in a small test program and send me the results in a PM by email. (just copy
the two result fields and the kind of Mac you have into an email). So I hope
I can verify that the results look the same on different Macs and different

You can download my test program here:

The function is for Mac Only and MacOS > 10.8

Thank you for your help






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