Extra Title Bar in All Stacks

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Wed Mar 29 23:21:24 EDT 2017

"System wide"  ?? I tried a dozen different apps, include Apple's own Pages, Numbers and Notes etc.

*none* of them respond to cmd-shift-T to make tabbed windows… the only "system-wide" is the Finder.

Adding an Apple-Mac Only Finder feature to LC  that OS X does not even implement this in it's other applications and where, all other apps make use of cmd-shift-T for some other function in that particular app, does it make sense to try to emulate the Mac Finder in LC Windows?  

If HQ is trying to decide if this is useful enough to spend time making it work; perhaps a better decision is:

disable and forget it, so that we are not "harassed" by double title bars, ever.  

Will any Mac User shed a tear here if this future enhancement is crossed off the list?


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    Ah! that’s the bit I forgot to mention, I think it is a system wide shortcut (it works in some other apps), I have seen it appear in the LC View menu, but not always for some odd reason. If you hit cmd-shift-t with the menu open it immediately selects Toolbar-Text, so I wonder if this is clashing somehow.

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